The Best Place To Be Born In 2013

The Economist compares and contrasts the former list from 1988. It is startling for many living in the United States that being born in America in 2013 does NOT provide your child the absolute best opportunities in their lifetime. I understand the backlash even whispering a comment like that to many people, but those that will take the time to broadly look at all the information in an non bias manner will come to the same conclusion.

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Does that mean that when I have children that I will pack my bags and move to another country? No, because selfishly I want to be close to my friends and family even though it would probably give my children a better environment to succeed. I also think it is possible that America still has the potential to be the greatest country in the world to be born in for my grandchildren. It will take a complete debt collapse and re-organization of the current economic and political structure for that to occur. I hope it comes soon.



  1. While admittedly picking a nit, I would definitely not rank Australia that high for one reason alone: Climate Change


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