Grantham: All Assets Are Overpriced & Investing In The Low Growth World

One of the legends of the financial world provides his thoughts on low interest rates, market psychology, and what he is buying now. The following is a brief glimpse of the letter below:

"Courtesy of the above Fed policy, all global assets are once again becoming overpriced.

When one combines the apparent determination and influence of those who do the bullying with the career risk and short-termism of the bullied and the desire of the general public to believe unbelievable good news, these over pricings can go much further and the Fed can win another round or two. That’s the problem. A clue to timing would be when we begin to hear more passionate new era arguments: profit margins will always be higher; growth will snap back to 3% for the developed world; and new ones I can’t think of … maybe “when the discount rate is this low the Dow should sell at, perhaps, 36,000.” In the meantime, prudent managers should be increasingly careful. Same ole, same ole."

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