Commodities & Resource Stocks Go On A Fire Sale

Some of the best commodities and resource stocks are going on a fire sale. This is the time to start layering in a position from your shopping list we discussed in the 2013 Outlook: How To Invest. What from my personal list looks attractive today?

Gold Mining Shares
Rare Earth Stocks
Canadian Currency
Short US Stock Funds

It should never feel good when you are buying because there is panic everywhere. Take a deep breath. This is why you steadily raise cash during optimistic periods and buy during panic selling.

Remember from a view 30,000 feet above that while it is important to maintain liquidity to have the ability to purchase assets when they go on sale, the actual value of that paper liquidity is zero.

Currencies have no intrinsic value. They are backed by nothing. Bonds are worse - they are a promise to pay back a currency in the future.

Take a deep breath. Buy. And hope for prices to fall lower so you can rid yourself of more cash.

I am not a financial advisor, please speak with one before making any investment decisions.