Jim Rickards Discusses The Fed's Next Move

Jim Rickards discusses the Fed's next move in September, which will be an increase in the size of its QE program, not a "taper." This will be due to both the continued decline in economic data as well as the clear dependence to the Fed's steady injection of heroin on just about every aspect of the economy .

In a bit of a contrarian view, Jim feels that Europe is in better long term shape than both the United States and China because they have already taken some of the necessary pain to reform their economy. At the peak of the European crisis in late 2011, Rickards was one of the lone voices saying that the European Union would stay in tact and the euro would strengthen against the dollar. This is exactly what took place.

In addition to this video interview, if you want more from Rickards who I consider one of the brightest finance minds on the planet, click the following link for one of his best audio interviews ever:

Jim Rickards On The Global Economy Moving Forward