Gold & Silver Explode Higher As Stocks & Bonds Crumble

Gold and silver's rocket launch off the lows may have begun, which is unfortunate for those of us out there who have been backing up the truck this summer to accumulate as much physical metal as possible. After the longest stretch of relentless buying for me personally over the last few months since the good ol' days of 2005 and 2006, I will be back to raising cash and/or purchasing in other assets until we get another pull back. We can only hope that we can get one more paper smash lower in the months ahead before gold and silver begin the final (parabolic/euphoric) phase of this secular bull market. In terms of "other assets," I've been tracking the agriculture market closely over the past few weeks and just started buying into specific commodities within the group. I like assets that are in a secular bull market, after a large price decline, where sentiment is extremely low. That currently applies to specifics within the larger agriculture market right now. Other than a few buying opportunities in this small area, and following the huge rally in precious metals, I see danger almost everywhere again. Safe cash is king.


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