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I have been doing a lot of traveling lately combined with my regular (enormous) workload so it has been tough for me to get time to sit down and do some writing. I should have more in the week ahead regarding my thoughts on the Fed's no taper decision and the impact on financial markets, asset markets, and the economy.

Until then, I'll leave you in great hands. First with an interview from the legendary Jeremy Grantham with the Wall Street Journal:

Our Chat With Jeremy Grantham

Jim Rickards provided an excellent in depth interview with the Financial Sense Newshour over the weekend. Rickards was one of the very few financial market participants that insisted that the Fed would not taper last week. He provides his reasons why they chose not to taper and what we can expect from monetary policy around the world in the months and years ahead:

Jim Puplava's Big Picture: A Conversation With Jim Rickards

The next video comes from Ray Dalio titled "How The Economic Machine Works." Dalio runs Bridgewater Associates and is considered by many to be the greatest hedge fund manager in the world today. Bridgewater Associates become the largest hedge fund in 2011 with $120 billion under management, and Dalio has a personal net worth of over $13 billion.