Marc Faber: Bullish On Foreign Equities & U.S. Treasuries

In most televised interviews the best guests do not get an opportunity to communicate their points because they are cut off by another guest or the network's anchor. For this reason I spend almost no time these days watching network news, and I spend more time listening to audio interviews from sites such as The Financial Sense Newshour (their weekend show is free and their weekday interviews are $10 a month - well worth the money) and King World News (all free). Guests are allowed a longer forum and the opportunity to speak.

The difference is similar to reading an article from The Wall Street Journal vs. reading a newsletter or book where the author takes the time and energy to really delve into a topic.

The following interview with Marc Faber is great because he is allowed to take some time and make his points, where he describes his current bearishness toward the U.S. equity markets, bullishness toward foreign equities, and short term bullishness toward U.S. bonds. Faber has a very long track record of prescient and contrarian calls which is why his views are always a must listen.