Trade Agreements, Money Supply Growth & China's Accumulation Of Gold

I had the opportunity to meet Mike Maloney at a real estate conference back in 2006 in New York. He had a small booth set up with a few of the people who worked for his company, and he was discussing the financial markets and precious metals with anyone who was interested to speak with him.

The booth was completely empty. Everyone at the conference, close to 80,000 people, were packed into other booths and rooms learning about and buying products on how to invest in real estate. The thought of putting money into precious metals back at the time was never even discussed.

When I met Maloney I had already been investing in precious metals for over a year, and I was spending all available free time pouring through every book I could get my hands that discussed monetary history. I walked over to Mike and spoke with him for about 25 uninterrupted minutes regarding the financial system and what we both thought would be occurring in the years ahead. Since, at the time, I literally had no one in the world to talk to about these topics, it was heaven for me.

Fast forward to today and Maloney is now the headline speaker at major conferences around the world (such as the ones featured in the video below). In part 3 of this video series Mike walks through the (mostly unnoticed) changes occurring with the current dollar standard, China's accumulation of physical precious metals, and the incredible growth in the money supply.