The Case For Optimism

While I like to feel this site provides a more "realistic" view on the world, the truth is that the changes I see coming to financial markets and global economy should be viewed as an opportunity, not something to fear.

Underneath all the mismanagement of our financial, political and economic system there is a growing trend of positive improvement in the real world.

The following slide show briefly walks through examples of some of these positive changes taking place around the world. When the big reset comes, it will be the opportunity of our lifetime to finally invest and live in what will be the biggest boom in human history.


  1. A decrease in poverty means hundreds of millions will consume more - it means our already depleted fish stocks will get crushed - it means that other resources will be run into the ground - it means oil prices will go through the roof causing a total economic collapse

    There is absolutely no case for optimism

    There will be no opportunities that come out of the dystopian nightmare that is imminent.

    Have a read of this research - we are out of cheap energy - the last 200 years of growth have been based on ONE THING - and that thing is cheap energy.

    There is NO substitute.

    Enjoy your life while you can - because even those with great wealth are going to be living short, nasty brutish lives going forward

  2. Anonymous your premise is faulty. Resources are not limited. Resources are unlimited. The limitation is human creativity and ingenuity.

    Example one: How long did uranium sit under the earth and was totally useless to humanity? Yet its a viable energy source. Same for oil.

    Example two: A crack of lighting has enough power to power the entire planet for one year.

    The issue is not resource limitation its human genius.


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