Thank You

I greatly appreciate your patience over the past two weeks as I know my writing has been limited. I spent the last week of December with my father at my parent's new home in a retirement community in Florida called "The Villages." It is a remarkable place with over 100,000 residents, and everyone in the town commutes by golf carts.

I spent New Year's Eve down in Miami Beach, Florida with seven of my closest friends. We enjoyed the beach, some great pool parties and some excellent football.

We have a lot to cover as we begin the exciting new year in the financial markets. I have released the first half of the 2014 Outlook, which covers the U.S. asset markets in detail. Throughout the week I will release the second half, focusing on the remainder of the world.

Thank you to the readers who continue to visit the site. My viewership grows every year and over 50 percent of the readers now come from outside the United States.

I continue to spend more time on reading books, articles, newsletters, taking detailed notes and then writing my thoughts on this website than all of the other activities in my life combined. That includes my job, my business and preparing for my wedding which is coming up in just a few weeks. My wonderful fiance understands because she knows I enjoy working on this site more than anything else I do.

I look forward to the year ahead. It should be far different than the last.

Let's begin - 2014 Outlook: The Greatest Illusion The World Has Ever Seen


  1. I am a regular reader...appreciate all of your hard work.

  2. same here....looking forward to 201

  3. Your blog is great! I have learned alot about finance and economics from your well written posts. If I knew who you were, and so you out somewhere I would walk up and say "Thanks!" Congrats on your upcoming marriage.


  4. I am a regular reader. Keep up the good work. Happy 2014!


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