Understanding Where The Economy Will Grow Stronger Within U.S. Borders

A student at Georgia State University, Sarah Arnett, put together a paper that reviews the fiscal condition of the 50 states of the United States. As more and more towns, cities and states move closer to bankruptcy due to the real estate collapse (crushing tax receipts) and impossibly large pension commitments, the location where both people and businesses decide to settle will become an important issue.

State's crushing debt burdens will impact both individuals and businesses with taxes, regulations, quality of schools, infrastructure and much more.

The following graphic was put together by PolicyMic to provide a visual of the fiscal rankings. If you plan to make long term living or business plans in one of the dark blue states below, understand that you will be fighting against the current. The opposite will be true for those states within the center and southeast of the country where both businesses and people will continue to migrate.

For more on this $3.7 trillion debt market see: 2014 Outlook: U.S. Municipal Bond Market