Weekend Summary

I've been working very long days throughout the week so I've been trying to add more content on the weekend on topics I may not have had the time to immediately discuss. Thank you for your patience. This weekend we covered:

U.S. Stocks:

The U.S. Stock Market Is Now More Expensive Than The Bubble Peak In 2000

Retail Investors Move All In U.S. Stocks

U.S. Bonds:

The Impact Of The Junk Bond Bubble Bursting

Visualizing Portfolio Losses When Bond Yields Rise

Global Bonds & Germany:

10 Year Government Bonds Perched At Dangerous Price Levels In The G8

While I have posted similar videos in the past walking through this topic, the following is a new release from the updated crash course discussing how money is created. If you are not fluent with this important topic it is an excellent review: