Marc Faber On Diversification

Some positive words this week from Marc Faber on diversification: "I hope that when the collapse happens, I'm only going to lose 50% of my money." (only partially kidding of course)

A slightly different tone than what we currently hear from the rest of the financial world which has already booked 20% plus annual returns for at least the next five years by staying 100% invested in U.S. stocks. 

Faber is now berated on CNBC for admitting he diversifies a portion of his portfolio in precious metals. With the anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy this week, here is how the major asset classes have performed over the last six years:

Silver +71%
Gold +61%
S&P +58%

We'll check back in a few more years to see how things have progressed from here. My guess is there will be less mocking of Faber on CNBC for admitting he owns a portion of his portfolio in precious metals. 

h/t Zero Hedge