Barron's Big Money Poll: Breathtaking Confidence In U.S. Stocks

Barron's conducts their "Big Money Poll" twice a year with 145 portfolio managers representing some of the largest investment companies in America. The most recent results have come in (click for larger image):

70% believe stocks will be the best performing asset over the next 12 months
72% believe the U.S. stock market will provide the best returns 
84% are bullish on large cap U.S. stocks

Are you ready for the most dire prediction of the 145 managers polled?

The DOW will end the year about where it is today at 16,500 and by mid 2015 fall by........23 percent. Really? That is the most dire prediction that one "crazy" manager could come up with?

In other words, those managing the money of U.S. stocks have clients all-in with 100% confidence in U.S. stocks in 2015 and beyond. What could possibly go wrong?

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