Total Global QE Injections Will Be 40 Percent Larger In 2015 Than 2014

QE is not a United States phenomenon and when new money is created in Japan and Europe it will spill over into other markets around the world. We live in a borderless financial system, which means you must look at what every player around the world is doing in concert, not just one of the actors. 

Bloomberg summed this up well this morning with a quote in Greenspan Conundrum Risk Rising for Fed as BOJ, ECD Add Stimulus:

“Even with the Fed changing course, in 2015 you’re going to get a $1.4 trillion increase in liquidity injections, which is about 40 percent more than what happened in 2014,” said Peter. “Liquidity into the global economy’s going up, not going down. The question is: where is that liquidity going to end up?”