Jim Rickards On Why Commodities Are Falling


  1. This is an utterly idiotic discussion. Watching the MSM and expecting anything but mindless bullshit is asking for way too much.

    They can debate recession depression 5% growth, it is all meaningless.

    THIS is a perfect summary of where we are --- the entire economy is now based on one thing ONLY --- money printing.

    Can this go on forever? Of course not.

    Another year of putting lipstick on the zombie known as the global economy, kept walking only thanks to $11 trillion in liquidity injections by the world's central banks and tens of trillions of new Chinese credit created out of thin air and promptly misallocated and embezzled, and the results are in.


    There is no debate --- we print --- or we die. We can never stop. We can never raise interest rates.

    Of course Rickards will not come out and say this anymore than any other financial 'guru' because that would make all of them irrelevant.

    But they are already irrelevant. How many of them beat the S&P index in the past 3 years?

    Out of thousands of hedge funds out there --- only a handful. And what are the odds of picking the few that will get lucky and beat in 2015?

    Bloomberg is rubbish. CNBC is rubbish. Financial Analysts are obsolete --- because financial analysis is OBSOLETE.


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