Why Your Vote Does Not Matter In America

The Sunlight Foundation recently completed a study on corporate political spending and the reward companies received for their contributions. Their research found that for every $1 corporations spent on political donations they received $760 in return through direct business support. There is no better return for a company than buying and purchasing the next round of politicians.

This is why the political structure in the United States will never change. Corporations and the largest banks put their pre-chosen candidates out for Americans who then try and figure out who will protect their personal interests. The elections are over before they even begin.

While this used to anger me, over the years I have come to understand this system will never change until we reach the next major economic collapse (something far greater than 2008). All I (and you) can do as an individual is try to put yourself in a position to play by the rules of the rich.

For me personally that is through building businesses and preparing myself every day to be the best possible commercial real estate investor and manager (so I am ready to purchase as much quality real estate as possible and manage it well when the real collapse finally arrives).

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