Julian Robertson: The Bigger This Bubble Gets The Bigger The Bust

Legendary hedge fund investor and founder of Tiger Management, Julian Robertson, discusses his thoughts on the financial markets and economy with Fox Business. Robertson hopes the Fed raises rates this year so they do not let the twin bubbles (stocks and bonds) "boil over into a complete explosion."

"I am looking at a bubble that is almost sure to pop at some time and I don't know when it's going to happen, but I know it's going to happen."

"The bigger this bubble gets, the bigger the bust."

"I don't think it's at all ridiculous to think of a sell-off like we saw in 2008."

Interview Part One:

Interview Part Two:

But who really wants to listen to someone that has been actively working in the financial industry for 58 years? I'd much rather listen to a 25 stock salesman who can command three trading screens and still fit the time in during the day to come on CNBC and tell the audience why U.S. stocks are cheap and safe.

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