A Brief Thought On Guns In America

I don't own a gun and I've never fired one, so for me the charts below paint a picture of excess regarding Americans and gun ownership. However, I try to see things from other people's perspective before making comments on sensitive issues. I'm sure if someone had broken into my house in the past with the intention of causing my family harm, I would likely own a gun now and appreciate laws that allow me to do so.

From my perspective it seems as if we can find a middle ground; the right to bear arms should stay, but perhaps we should revisit the right to own mass killing weapons like assault rifles.


  1. First, there is no such thing as an "assault" rifle. Assault is a verb meaning an act of aggression. You can be assaulted by any object. Second, there is no such thing as "gun control". There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of the "government". I'll ignore the gross naivety of advocating that for now. But let's focus on this one fundamental question: how does one group of people ("government") have a right to own something that everyone else doesn't? Are they masters and we slaves? How does one group of people get the right to threaten others with violence ("law") for merely possessing an object? Your "middle ground" is foolish and immoral.

  2. The real issue is the people operating these guns. I would love a statistic on how many people who shoot and kill someone each year live in a household that collects a check from the government. Either a welfare check or a paycheck. Murder isn't the reult of inanimate objects. It's the result of a broken society.


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